How to Track a Cheating Spouse?

How to Track a Cheating Spouse

Nowadays, thanks to the technology smartphones offer, finding ways to communicate with an eventual lover has never been easier. Messaging apps, social media, and other features are all ways an unfaithful spouse can use to go behind your back and see their side-lover. 

In light of this, how do you know if you’re being cheated on? Thankfully, technology is advancing for everybody. For this reason, you can arm yourself with a secret app to catch cheaters in order to track your spouse’s activities and discover if there’s really something going on behind your back.

In this article, we’re going to introduce invisible apps to catch cheaters and different ways you can monitor a phone without the other person knowing it. We prepared this guide based on multiple surveys and researches in the field of infidelity, as well as after consulting psychologists that have been dealing with couple’s therapy for years. 

Is Cheating a Common Occurrence? 

We come in contact with cheating on an almost every day basis. This doesn’t that everyone is necessary being cheated on. However, unfaithfulness is everywhere around us because we’re constantly reading about it in magazines, watching movies and TV shows about cheating couples, and sometimes we even listen to a friend or relative talking about how their partners cheated on them. 

But does this mean that cheating is common and happens to everybody? Of course not. Several studies prove that during long relationships, the chance of cheating is ‘only’ 25%, which is not as high as when we often hear the words “half of the married couples end up getting divorced”. 

How to Catch a Cheater: Why Do People Cheat?

How to Track a Cheating Spouse

Before we start describing the best apps to catch cheaters, let’s see what the most common reasons people cheat are:

  • Unsatisfying Sex Life: A partner might start cheating because they’re feeling sexually rejected and unsatisfied. This might then lead the person to look for attention somewhere else. Usually, this happens because, even though sex isn’t everything in a romantic relationship, having a healthy sex life is still an important factor for things to go smoothly inside the relationship. 
  • Lack of Attention: If a person feels like their significant other is not making any effort to give them attention, no matter how busy the partner is at the moment, then he or she might look for that kind of attention and care in other people. 
  • Feeling Unappreciated: Sometimes, a person can feel like they are being taken for granted by their significant other. Although loving the other person can be enough to get over some problems together, sometimes it is not enough to salvage the relationship. Both people need to feel appreciated, otherwise the person who is being taken for granted might get tired of the situation and find somebody else to make them feel important. 

These can be considered some of the main reasons people choose to cheat on their partners. However, the real reasons can change based on factors such as age and gender of the person.

Most Common Cheaters’ Apps

If you want to catch a cheater, the first thing you should understand is the means they use to cheat and communicate with their lovers. Here is a list of the most common apps cheaters use to go behind your back:

  • WhatsApp: Here, we’re talking about one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, therefore, your partner probably already has it installed on their phone. Make sure to take a look at the archived chats sections if you happen to get access to your spouse’s phone. This section is usually not in plain sight, making it easier for cheaters to hide their secret conversations.
  • Instagram and Snapchat: Social media make it extremely easy for different people to get to know each other and communicate. Popular apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can all be a possible way to get in touch with a lover. 
  • Tinder: If you find this app on your partner’s phone, then you should have a long talk with them. Tinder can be a dead giveaway your partner is cheating on you or planning to.

How Do I Track a Cheating Spouse?

How Do I Track a Cheating Spouse

Now that we’ve covered the basis of cheating, let’s take a look at what you can do to make sure your partner is really being unfaithful and you’re not just misreading the signs. In this section, we’re going to answer common questions and describe several cheaters apps you can use to find out the truth. 

Tracking a phone without the other person knowing is a crucial factor when you’re trying to get the proof your partner is cheating on you. The first method we want to introduce uses the IMEI number of a phone in order to track its location. 

The IMEI number is a 15-digit number that is given specifically to a phone number. You can easily get the IMEI number of your partner’s phone by contacting their phone operator. Afterward, you simply need to access the IMEI platform and look up the number. In addition, if you can briefly access your spouse’s phone, you can also find the IMEI number in the settings. 

The IMEI website is supposed to give you the exact location of that cellphone, therefore, you’ll know if your spouse is telling you the truth about where they are going and when. 

We want to share with you one of our readers’ stories who successfully managed to find out his wife was cheating on him thanks to the IMEI number: 

“I’ve been suspecting my wife was cheating on me for quite some time already. She’d been telling me she was working more since they were particularly busy at the office. However, it didn’t feel like that was the truth to me. Thanks to one of her colleagues, I knew the workload at her office hadn’t changed. One day, while my wife was showering, I got her cellphone (which she never tried to hide) and managed to find the IMEI number. A couple of days later, I started tracking her movements thanks to the IMEI platform and gathered enough evidence to later confront her with all the lies she’d been telling me.”

  • Cheaters App for Android

This method is going to provide an app to catch cheaters for free if your partner has an Android phone. We’re talking about the Find My Device app you can find on the Play Store and install on the phone you wish to track. You only need to get your hands on your partner’s phone for around 10 minutes, download the app and turn on the location option once you’ve logged in with your Google account credentials. 

When you finish the process, you’ll only have to monitor your spouse’s activities from the same Google account you used to log in on the phone; you can either do this on a laptop or a phone. 

This way you’ll be able to track the device you’ve installed the app on and check where your partner is going.

Thanks to this method, one of our readers managed to find out her boyfriend was cheating on her. 

“I downloaded the app in just five minutes on my boyfriend’s phone. Once I started monitoring his movements, I noticed he wasn’t telling me the truth about where he was going. Since he didn’t have any reason to lie to me, I deduced it could only be because he was seeing somebody. After confronting him about it, the truth came out.“

  • How to Catch a Cheater: mSpy App

If you’re looking to fully monitor the activities of a cellphone, then mSpy is the best method to do so. If your partner is being unfaithful, with this app, you’ll be able to find out the truth for sure. Among the many features of this app, here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Call Logs: Allowing you to know who your partner is calling and for how long thanks to the ability to track all incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. 
  • WhatsApp Tracking: With this feature, you’ll be able to read all texts sent and received through one of the most popular messaging apps.
  • Pictures and Videos: mSpy lets you take a look at all the videos and pictures taken by the phone you want to monitor.
  • GPS Location: If you want to make sure your partner is telling you the truth about the locations they visit, with the GPS tracking feature you’ll be able to know where they are at all times.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Monitor all activities, including text messages, on the most popular social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc.
  • Email Tracking: Get the chance to read all emails your partner sends or receives.
  • Text Messages: Besides monitoring WhatsApp, mSpy allows you to see all the regular text messages your spouse receives. Furthermore, you can also read the ones your partner has already deleted.

The mSpy is a paid service that offers two plans: the regular one for $11.66 per month and the premium one, with all the advanced features, for $29.99. 

A woman tells us how she recently managed to find out her husband was a cheater thanks to the service offered by mSpy:

“I accessed my husband’s phone for less than 30 minutes and managed to quickly install mSpy on the device. Later, I was able to see all the messages he was exchanging with his lover. From what I could gather, the affair had been going on for several months. I was also able to see some pictures of my husband and his lover together that he sent her through emails. I’m so grateful to mSpy for helping me get rid of a cheating husband. I recommend using this method when you’re in doubt because it’s totally worth the price you pay.”


All the methods we’ve offered in this guide have useful features that can help you find out if your partner is cheating. By using the IMEI number or Find My Device, you can easily track the location of a phone for free. However, these methods only work when you’re trying to find out where your spouse is, but they don’t necessarily point to cheating. 

Because of this, we can safely come to the conclusion that mSpy is the best cheaters app you can use to monitor the activities of your partner and safely discover if he or she is cheating on you. Even though mSpy isn’t free, unlike the other methods, thanks to its many features, it’s the most reliable app you can monitor a phone with.



What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

When it comes to catching cheaters, mSpy is definitely the best app you can find on the market. With this app, you can monitor phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, and so much more. It’s easy to install and it’ll give you access to your partner’s phone, so that you’ll be able to tell if something’s going on behind your back in no time.

How can I spy on cheaters?

There are several apps, such as mSpy and Find My Device, you can use to monitor your partner’s activities or movements. Follow the steps we mentioned in this guide to find the best method you can use to spy on a cheater.

How can you tell if someone is cheating online for free?

Methods such as downloading Find My Device on an Android phone or checking the location of your spouse’s IMEI number are all valid and free options you can consider when you want to discover if your partner is telling you the truth about their location.

How to Track a Cheating Spouse?

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