How to Catch a Cheating Wife Through the Phone 

How to Catch a Cheating Wife

You’ve probably heard the stories from friends or family about someone being unfaithful in their relationship. While you may have empathized with them during that time, you probably never thought that you’d be in the same predicament in the future. Suspecting that your wife is cheating is never a good feeling, and you’re most likely dealing with a plethora of negative emotions that range from anger to anxiety and more. Unfortunately, cheating is a very real situation and can very much happen to anyone. 

Once you suspect that your wife may be cheating, your immediate reaction would most likely be to confront your partner immediately. While our gut feelings are usually never wrong, there could also be other explanations, and you wouldn’t want to cause unnecessary confrontation. Instead, gather some evidence. With concrete evidence, it’ll be easier to confront your wife because at least you’re not doing it empty-handed. 

To help, we’ve gone ahead and gathered information from surveys, researches, and discussions with psychologists along with other professionals in the field. The article will give you statistics on cheating wives, real experiences of individuals that caught or were caught cheating, along with answers to some frequently asked questions.  

I Caught My Wife Cheating – Facts and Advice

How to Catch a Cheating Wife

While we’d also like to believe that cheating isn’t a frequent occurrence, the sad reality is that it happens more often than it should. If you’ve caught your wife cheating, you’re probably confused and want to know what the statistics are like. The facts below will give you a sneak peek into why women cheat along with some numbers to back it up. The statistics below don’t lie and will give you further insight into this very real situation. 

  • Infidelity among women has increased by 40% in the last 20 years.
  • Compared to 39.2% of male cheaters, however, 48% of women eventually got caught.
  • 53.5% of women have reported cheating on their spouses more than once.
  • In the current generation, men and women are cheating at similar rates.
  • Women predominantly cheat as they’re unsatisfied in their relationships and aren’t getting what they want from their partner. 
  • Women can also cheat even if they love their partners. One reason may be that they aren’t getting the sexual pleasure they need and have to end up outsourcing it instead.

While most stereotypes seem to state that only men are capable of cheating, the statistics above indicate that women are very much capable of cheating as well. 

6 Stories of Discovering a Cheating Wife through Their Phone (Based on Real Experiences)

Cheating Wife

In this day and age, we’re mostly connected by technology. While we may have our computers and televisions, there’s nothing quite like the relationship we have with our phones. We use it to communicate through social media, stay in touch with friends and family, store our important documents, and more. Since most of us have such a personal relationship with our phone, it’s of no surprise that there are a plethora of individuals that have caught their wives cheating through the phone. 

The below are all real experiences of how a husband may have caught his wife cheating through the phone. We’ve also managed to get a few stories from individuals that were on the other end of the stick and were caught cheating by their spouses. 

1. Caught My Cheating Wife through My Phone Locator 

Jeff, 38 years

My wife usually goes out every afternoon to run errands for an hour or two. As of late, however, I noticed that she had been going out earlier and earlier in the day. When I questioned her, she told me that she just had a few more errands that she needed to run and was meeting the girls for brunch in the morning. This pattern continued for a few weeks and my suspicions started to grow. My wife has an Apple phone that’s connected to our family account, and she had left her location sharing on. One day I decided to log into iCloud and click on “Find my iPhone,” and I saw that she was at one of my closest mate’s house. That was when I realized that she was actually cheating on me with my best friend. 

If your wife’s iPhone is synced to the iCloud, this is a pretty effective way to track your partner’s phone and have an idea of their current location. You don’t need to wait for them to leave their phone lying around, and it’s also a pretty foolproof way.   

2. Caught a Cheating Wife through a Recovery Software 

John, 28 years

It’s not like me at all, but recently I had to snoop on my wife’s phone just to prove that she was cheating on me. I started becoming suspicious when I saw that she was deleting text messages from her phone behind my back. I knew that if I asked her about it, she was just going to brush it off and say that I was paranoid. So, I decided to install recovery software on her phone while she was sleeping, and that’s when I found out that all of my suspicions were true. 

Recovery software is effective, but there’s a chance that your wife may be exchanging text messages through other platforms such as social media or WhatsApp, etc. If that’s the case, it can be hard to ‘recover’ anything substantial at all. 

3. Caught My Wife with a Sound Recorder App   

Gregory, 30 years

The story of how I caught my wife cheating is a little insane. I’m usually out of the house quite a bit because of work and a couple of other things that I have to do. One day when I was coming home, a neighbour told me that she’d seen a random guy coming into my house a lot. I casually asked my wife about it, and she mentioned that she just needed some help with the plumbing. I found her answer a little strange, but I didn’t really have a way to catch her. After some thought, I downloaded a complimentary sound recorder and left my phone at home. Everything I heard was everything I needed to confirm that she was cheating on me. 

However, most of the cheating now takes place through digital means. Hence, it can be difficult to use the same method to catch your wife cheating. 

4. Cheating Wife Got Caught through iCloud

Erica, 34 years

I’m not proud of the fact that I cheated, but it did happen. My husband and I are usually quite private about what we have on our phones, and that’s what I was mainly using to communicate with the other person. What I forgot, however, is that my phone is also linked to our iCloud and so all my messages and photos got uploaded there as well. My husband must have synced everything on my phone to his device, and that’s when he found out that I was cheating on him. 

If your wife has an iPhone, this is an effective way of catching her red-handed. However, there’s a chance that she maybe doesn’t sync all of her photos and messages to the iCloud, and if she doesn’t have an iPhone, this method wouldn’t work on her either. 

5. Caught Cheating Wife Through Search History

Sean, 28 years

We’ve had two very happy years of marriage, so this story of how I caught my cheating wife affects me greatly. I started to suspect that something was going on when she seemed to have ‘plans’ almost every single night. Since we openly share passwords, I went to snoop on her phone one day when she was in the bathroom. I didn’t see any messages or anything like that, so I went to check her browser history, and it was also clean. When I went to Google auto-fill, however, that’s when I saw that she was looking up websites like Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder. The confrontation that we had later that evening wasn’t pretty. 

While this is a more unique method since you’d have to access your partner’s phone and check their auto-fill bar, it’s an effective method for individuals that may forget to clear their cache. However, there’s quite a few steps that you’ll need to do in order to get there. You’ll need to have access to your partner’s phone, and have enough time to actually key things in. 

6. Cheating Wife Caught with mSpy


 Mary, 32 years

Truthfully, I wasn’t invested in my marriage but didn’t have the guts to end it. I thought I had covered my tracks pretty well, and my husband and I don’t have access to each other’s phones. My husband’s also not usually the confrontational type, so I was really surprised when he confronted me about cheating with an exceeding amount of evidence. He had everything from where I went to what I deleted, and what I had been messaging the other person about on social media. Apparently, he downloaded mSpy, and it gave him literally all the evidence he needed to call me out. 

By downloading a tracking software like mSpy, you don’t have to worry about figuring when’s the right time to snoop on your partner’s phone, or wondering whether the evidence that you currently have is good enough. This is truly one of the best applications on the market, with 30 features telling you everything you need to know about someone’s device from call logs to GPS location tracking, Instagram monitoring, and more.


It’s also not expensive and is available for all devices, so you won’t have to worry about the iPhone versus Android problem. There are plenty of raving reviews on the mSpy application, and it’s incredibly user-friendly. If you’re still not sure, here’s a snapshot of the benefits for easy reading: 

  • Quick and easy installation. The software takes only about 5 minutes to install, and after installation, there’s even a detailed guide to teach you how to use the app.
  • Receive detailed reports. Get all the evidence you need swiftly and efficiently. 
  • Track their location. With mSpy, there’s also a geofencing feature, which means you can input a specific location into the tracker that’s forbidden. When they enter that area, you’ll immediately get a notification.
  • View deleted content. Catch your partner even if they delete everything off their phone 

Catching a Cheating Wife FAQ: You Ask – We Answer


You might be thinking about what you should do if you’ve caught your wife cheating or how exactly to go about catching a cheating wife, etc. To answer your most common questions, we’ve got in touch with some professionals for their experience and advice.

– I’ve caught my wife cheating, what should I do? 

One of the most common questions that we’ve received is of individuals that caught their wife cheating and are confused as to what the next steps are. As tempting as it is, try not to go all ballistic on them. Instead, try to understand the reason for their actions and see if you can work on solving the problem. If needed, give yourself some space to thinks through. When you’re ready, talk to your wife and discuss some boundaries that you may need to have or whether or not you both need to seek professional help. Do note, however, that this will only work if both of you want to keep the relationship afloat together.  

– How do I catch a cheating wife? 

There are many ways to catch your wife red-handed. You can do it through various methods on the phone, catch them online, in the act, and even through free applications available for download. One of the best ways to catch your wife red-handed, however, is through a tracker application. Why? Because it comes with a range of features that’ll provide you with all the evidence that you need.

– How do I catch my wife cheating through the phone? 

There are multiple methods to go about doing so:

  • The most common way is checking their text messages 
  • Check devices that the phones may be synced with such as iCloud 
  • Use functions such as “Find my iPhone” to track their location 
  • Download recovery software to see their deleted messages and photos 
  • Check their search history 
  • Download a tracking application such as mSpy that provides you with all of the above and more 

What’s the Best Way to Catch a Cheating Wife through the Phone? 

As seen above, there are a couple of ways to catch your cheating wife through the phone. From downloading complimentary applications to checking their search history and more. While these are effective ways, you’d need to constantly have access to your partner’s phone to gather sufficient evidence. You’d also not want your partner to know that you may be trying to catch them, so you’d want to do it quietly.

While each way comes with their own pros and cons, installing a spy application such as mSpy means you’ll have access to all of the information you need at the press of a button. Installation is quick, and you’d be able to get all the evidence you need. With mSpy, you can catch your partner quickly and put all your suspicions to rest.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife Through the Phone 

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