How to Spy on Instagram with an Instagram Spy App That’s Best-Suited to Your Needs

How to Spy on Instagram

It’s arguably ethical to spy on someone’s Instagram account, especially if they’ve sworn to be of good behavior or they’re minors who might be exposed to online predators. If your partner has recently become consumed by Instagram activities, giggling every now and then and talking to herself while on Instagram, she’d better let you in on the fun. If you can’t get them to and you don’t want to miss out on the fun, then it’s high time for you to see things for yourself. 

It shouldn’t really be that hard to spy on someone’s Instagram account, especially given the enormity of the search results you get when you Google “Instagram monitoring”. The main challenge you’ll actually face is sifting through the wads of options to find what suits you best in terms of budget, technical skills, and the urgency. 

In this article, we show you how you can find and deploy your best option in a jiffy, regardless of your budget, technical skills, or preferences. 

Can You Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

How to Spy on Instagram

If you’ve been thinking of spying on someone’s phone physically, you can rule that out right now, because not only do you risk getting caught, your loved one might get a step ahead of you by deleting important messages and files.

Other methods require sophisticated techniques like jailbreaking and rooting. However, these techniques can expose the target phone to greater security risks, making it counterproductive if you were trying to protect the person in the first place. 

The best way to spy on someone’s Instagram is through Instagram spy apps. These are high-tech apps that run inconspicuously in a target phone’s background to capture and transmit details of the phone owner’s Instagram activities. 

How Do You See Someone’s Activities on Instagram?

How to Spy on Instagram

There are many ways of how to track someone’s activities on Instagram, each with its advantage and limitations. First is the easiest way, which is to go through your news feed to see if you’ll find any updates about their posts, likes, or comments. But needless to say, it’s also the least-effective means since you need to follow them first, and to boot, their activities could be few and far between in your news feed. 

Another similarly simple way is to go to their profile page, where you’ll get to see a list of their posts, comments, shared photos, etc. Again, this method is severely limited in that they’ll have to make their profile public, or you’ll have to follow them, and also, you won’t get to see their private activities. 

The best way to see someone’s activities on Instagram behind their back is through Instagram spy apps. With these apps, you won’t need to follow them, or to stalk their public profile. 

How Can I See What Pictures My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Likes on Instagram?

Thankfully, Instagram allows users to see the activities of an account they’re following. However, this access is severely limited to the account’s privacy settings. That means that you’ll only get to see what someone wants their followers to see, as far as the official access goes. 

If you’re eager to find out more than what official channels allow, then you might have to turn to a third-party app. This is where Instagram apps can shine through when you’re being kept in the dark.

How Can You Look at Someone’s Private Instagram Without Them Knowing?

How Can You Look at Someone’s Private Instagram Without Them Knowing

It’s much easier to secretly track someone’s public activities on Instagram than their private activities. But you can try these three easy ways of how to spy on private Instagram:

  • First, you can use Google by entering the target Instagram account’s username on the search engine. What you’ll most likely find here will be older privately shared posts and photos of the person shared prior to Instagram’s recent privacy policy updates, as well as activities on other linked social media accounts, web pages, forums, etc. But you can only find so much using this method, as a host of other activities may still remain concealed away from the search engine. 
  • The second method is by using a fake account to follow the person. But you might run out luck and get rejected if the person is wary of adding strangers. 
  • The third method, which is the most effective and reliable, is through an Instagram Spy App. With these apps, you don’t have to spend time scouring through search engines. You’ll get unfettered access to their private Instagram profile and activities right from the comfort of your smartphone screen.

How Do You Look at Other People’s Messages on Instagram?

As far as official channels go, you can only expect to see someone’s public posts and shared files at best on Instagram. No one is officially authorized to spy texts on Instagram, not even the government. Your best bet for looking at other people’s messages on Instagram is through an Instagram DM spy app.

What Are Spy Apps for Instagram?

Instagram Spy Apps are what their name suggests. They help people spy on other’s Instagram accounts successfully. They operate unnoticed in the background of the target phone, stealthily capturing and transmitting information about phone user’s Instagram activities. These apps are excellent tools that parents can use to monitor their children’s Instagram activities, and employees can use them to monitor their employees for unethical behaviors. 

Depending on the type of app and the model of the target phone, you may or may not need to handle the target phone physically to install the app. But once installed, you get to sit back to view all their Instagram activities remotely from your smartphone’s screen.

Do Spy Apps Work on Instagram?

As with any commodity in the market, Spy apps come in different qualities. Some can be downright malicious and expose your phone and that of the target to cyber attacks. Others can give you away easily by with indiscrete operations that can draw the target’s attention. But the crème-of-the-crop apps give you a turnkey solution that’s absolutely efficient and reliable.



With an arsenal of Instagram monitoring functions accessible through a neat, intuitive user interface, mSpy is the most powerful Instagram Spy app that’s readily available to everyone. It comes with a slew of features that bare the entirety of someone’s Instagram activities right on your smartphone screen.


Key features include:

  • Check private messages and direct messages
  • Access to follower’s list
  • Access to shared multimedia 
  • Keylogging that reveals everything that was typed on the Instagram app
  • Access to shared locations on Instagram

Other important tracking features:

  • Whatsapp spy
  • SMS tracker
  • Call log records
  • GPS tracker
  • Remote camera activation

Can Someone Tell If You Looked at Their Instagram?

That depends on how you read messages on Instagram. For instance, if you hacked into their Instagram account using their name and password, they’ll be able to see who logged into their account through their Instagram Account Data Settings. If you’re using a poor Instagram spy app, the person might notice their system dragging and battery draining faster, and upon investigation, might discover the Instagram Spy app.

But if you’re using a top-notch Instagram spy like mSpy, the target will most likely never find out, since the app works inconspicuously in the target phone’s background, without interfering with the phone’s normal functions or using any of the phone’s resources significantly like battery and internal memory.


There you have it. You’re just a few clicks away from deploying some of the most powerful Instagram spy tools out there that are even used by governments in the inserts of national security. These solutions are also pocket-friendly and require zero technical skills. 



Can you spy on someone’s Instagram?

There are myriads of methods for spying on someone’s Instagram, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Some might give you away easily, or require the use of sophisticated techniques, or come at a prohibitive cost. 

What is the spy app for Instagram?

An Instagram Spy App runs in the background of a target phone to copy and send details of Instagram activities carried out on the phone. Most of them also come with features for tracking many other phone activities like calls, SMS, and browsing.

How can you look at someone’s private Instagram without them knowing?

The best way to spy on someone’s Instagram account is by using an Instagram Spy app. Other less effective measures include searching their Instagram username on Google or posing as a stranger and asking them to add you.

How do you look at other people’s messages on Instagram?

Instagram spy apps give you the best means of spying on other’s Instagram messages. Other methods come with a higher risk of getting caught or intricate technical requirements.

How do you see someone’s activity on Instagram 2020?

You can follow them officially to get notices of their activities sent to your news feed. Alternatively, Instagram Spy apps can help you do that conveniently and inconspicuously. 

How can you track someone on Instagram?

You can bug their phones with an Instagram spy app that discloses all the details of their Instagram activities to you at all times.

Do spy apps work on Instagram?

That depends on the quality of the app. Some Instagram apps might actually end up exposing the target phone to security risks. You need to do your due diligence when choosing an Instagram Spy app.

Can Instagram direct messages be traced?

The best Instagram spy apps allow you to see the entirety of someone’s direct messages on Instagram right on your smartphone’s screen.

How can I see what pictures My boyfriend/girlfriend likes on Instagram 2020?

You can follow them officially to gain access to their profile, or you can use Instagram spy apps to monitor their Instagram activities in secret.

Can you read an Instagram message without them knowing?

The best way to track someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing is by using a good Instagram spy app.

How can I read someone’s DM without them knowing?

Instagram spy apps allow you to read someone’s dm in secret without ever risking getting caught. 

Can someone tell if you looked at their Instagram?

Some methods can give you away easily, while others don’t give your target a ghost of a chance of ever finding out.

How to Spy on Instagram with an Instagram Spy App That’s Best-Suited to Your Needs

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