How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating 

How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

While you’ve probably seen unfaithful scenarios in movies or even heard about girlfriend cheating stories, you’ve probably never thought that it’d actually happen to you. Suspecting that your girlfriend may be cheating is never a good feeling, and you’re likely dealing with a plethora of emotions ranging from sadness to anxiety and anger. Unfortunately, cheating is a very real situation in the real world that can pretty much happen to anyone.

To help, we’ve gone ahead and gathered helpful information from surveys, researches, and discussions with psychologists along with other professionals in the field. We’ll dive deeper into how to know if your girlfriend is cheating and look at some commonly asked questions.

Cheating Girlfriend – Facts and Advice 

If you’ve never thought that you’d ever catch your girlfriend cheating, the unfortunate reality is that it happens more often than not. The facts below give a peek into some infidelity statistics and potential reasons as to why women cheat. The statistics below don’t lie and will give you further insight into this very real situation. 

  • 54% of women have admitted to committing infidelity in one or more of their relationships
  • 35% of women have admitted to having an emotional affair 
  • Women are just as likely to cheat as men right now. According to a study, 23% of men and 19% of women have reported having cheated on their partner
  • Women are more likely to cheat because they desire an emotional attachment, something that they may not have enough of in their current relationship

3 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

3 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

If you’re feeling conflicted and wondering about how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you, we’ve detailed three signs below that’ll give you some great insight. If you’re thinking that this is going to be too hard, and you’re never going to be able to catch your cheating girlfriend, that’s a perfectly normal thought. Don’t fret, however, as the guide below will give you all the signs you need to look out for and more.

She’s Constantly Distracted  

While there could be multiple reasons why your girlfriend’s distracted, one of the possible reasons could be that she’s cheating. If your girlfriend is barely looking you in the eye and hardly listening to anything that you’re saying, it could be a sign that something’s wrong. This would be especially true if your girlfriend’s usually attentive and engaging during conversations. Research shows that when your partner’s actions start changing, there’s a good indication that it’s probably infidelity.

The reason why she’s acting that way could be to protect herself and prevent any feelings of guilt when she decides to break things off with you in the end. The idea is that if she’s pushed you away already, it’ll be much easier for her to say goodbye later without feeling any guilt. It’s either that or she’s trying to distance herself, so you’ll start to feel like there’s something off with the relationship and be the one that pulls the plug instead.

She’s Hiding Her Phone

If she’s started to put her phone in the other room and is acting suspicious about it, there’s a chance that your girlfriend doesn’t want you to catch a glimpse of her cheating text messages or other messages that she could be exchanging on social media and other platforms. There’s a possibility that she’s feeling guilty about the exchanges that she’s having and doesn’t want you to catch her in the act or stumble upon them. 

When it comes to cheating, one of the first main points of communication is usually through the phone. It tends to start off with a brief exchange of text messages, emails or phone calls with someone before it ends up developing into something more. Hiding her phone could also indicate a possible change in her feelings in the relationship – especially if she didn’t have this problem in the past, and was usually quite open using her phone in front of you. Being secretive and exhibiting sketchy behaviour is usually one of the major signs of cheating. 

She’s Acting Suspicious  

If she was previously more of a homebody but has recently started to go out excessively with her friends, it could indicate that something’s wrong. While it’s possible that she’s decided to become more sociable, it’s also equally possible that she’s seeing someone on the side. The key is to pay attention to what she says to you after she comes back from a night out with the girls. 

If she isn’t coming home and filling you in with all the details with the girls, it could mean that something’s up. Less communication tends to be a major red flag especially if she was forthcoming before. One way to find out is to start the conversation on your end and ask her whether or not she had a good time with her friends. If she still chooses to be distant and cold or gives you one word answers, it probably means that she’s lying and feeling guilty about the situation.

Why Do I Keep Thinking My Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me?

Why Do I Keep Thinking My Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me

If you’ve ever thought about the question “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?”, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel that way, especially if your girlfriend is exhibiting the signs above. If you’ve constantly been thinking that your girlfriend is cheating on you, it’s time to put your suspicions to rest.

One of the best ways to find out if you’ve got a cheating girlfriend, is through a tracking application. With these applications, you’ll usually have solid evidence that can either deny or confirm your suspicions. The below are all real experiences of individuals catching their girlfriends through a tracking application. We’ve also managed to get a story from an individual that was on the other end of the stick, and was caught by her boyfriend.

I caught my girlfriend cheating on Facebook 

Ben, 20 years

It’s not like me, but I recently had a tracking application installed on my girlfriend’s phone. I felt like she was acting weird, and was constantly hiding her phone. I’d always wondered whether or not my girlfriend was cheating on Facebook and upon installation of the application, my worst fears came true. She was exchanging flirty Facebook messages with one of my friends and I was able to see everything, including the photos. 

With tracking applications, they’re usually able to see everything that’s being exchanged on social applications from Facebook to Instagram and more. 

I saw my girlfriend’s deleted messages  

John, 27 years

I’ve always had the feeling that my girlfriend was cheating on me. We’ve usually pretty open with our phones, and we know each other’s passwords. As of late, she’d been going out almost every single night and coming back pretty late. When I took a look at her phone however, I noticed everything seemed normal, too normal almost. After some researching, I decided to install a tracking application on her phone. I ended up seeing all the deleted messages – including timestamps and contact information. I finally had all the evidence I needed to confront her. 

With tracking applications, you’re able to take a look at recovered information – something that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to normally. 

I was caught through mSpy


Jane, 26 years

I wasn’t looking to cheat on my boyfriend. One thing led to another, and I ended up getting closer to one of my boyfriend’s friends. I did everything I could to make sure that my boyfriend wouldn’t find out because I didn’t want to hurt him that way. I was really surprised when he confronted me one night with substantial amounts of evidence. He had everything from the messages we exchanged to where I had been and even what we were Snapchatting each other. Turns out he downloaded the mSpy application, and it had all the features he needed to catch me red-handed. 

One of the best ways to catch a cheating girlfriend is through mSpy because it comes with a plethora of features to provide you with plenty of evidence. It’s truly one of the best applications in the market because it’s not only easy to install, you’ll also have access to everything you need.


Here’s a quick snapshot of mSpy’s benefits: 

  • Quick and easy installation. The software installation process is quick, and you also get a detailed guide on how to use the app
  • Receive detailed reports. All the information you need at the press of a button
  • Track their location. With mSpy there’s also a geofencing feature which means you can input a specific location into the tracker that’s forbidden. When they enter that area, you’ll immediately get a notification.
  • View deleted content. Catch your partner even if they delete all content from their phone 

In terms of price, it’s inexpensive and suited for all devices so you won’t have to worry about the iPhone versus Android issue. It’s also gotten plenty of raving reviews and is incredibly user-friendly. There’s also 24 hour customer support in case you have any questions. This is truly a fantastic application to find out if your girlfriend is cheating. 

Cheating Girlfriend FAQ: You Ask – We Answer


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to a cheating girlfriend. To answer them, we’ve got in touch with some professionals for their experience and advice. 

– What should I do if my girlfriend cheated on me?  

One of the most common questions asked is about how to deal with a cheating girlfriend. As hard as it is, you should wait for your feelings to calm down first. It’s not going to do anyone any good if you’re both heated and have heightened emotions. Instead, talk it out with loved ones first and see if you can sort through your emotions. When you’re ready, you can then talk about it with your girlfriend in private and discuss reasons behind the behavior and whether or not you’re able to move past it. Through all this however, it’s important to remember your worth. Just because your girlfriend’s cheated, doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. 

– Should you forgive a cheating girlfriend?  

It really depends on whether or not you’re able to understand the reasons behind your girlfriend’s actions, and whether or not the issues are acknowledged by both partners. Having to build up trust that’s been broken is no easy feat as it’s the fundamental core of every relationship. Hence, if you decide to forgive your girlfriend and move forward, know that the road ahead is long and arduous and steps need to be taken to rebuild trust and intimacy again.

– Should I stay with her if she cheated?

Similar to the above, it really depends on how you personally feel. If you feel that your trust has been shattered and it’s not going to be rebuilt, it’s time to move on. However, if you can understand the reasons behind your girlfriend’s actions and she’s also willing to rebuild the relationship, then you can consider trying again.

– How can I catch my girlfriend cheating? 

You can do it through various methods on the phone, online, in the act and even through free applications for download. One of the best ways however, is to download a tracker application like mSpy because it comes with a range of features that’ll provide you with all the evidence you need. 

– How do you ask your girlfriend if she cheated on you?  

If you’ve though to yourself “I think my girlfriend is cheating on me”, the best way is to confront her in person. Do note however, that it’s best if you’re not confronting her empty handed. There could be a chance that she’s not cheating, and you wouldn’t want to put unnecessary strain on the relationship. Instead, confront your girlfriend when you have evidence and do it as calmly as possible. 

What’s the Most Efficient Way to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating? 

As detailed above, there are a few signs to look out for to catch a cheating girlfriend. One thing to note however, is that even if your girlfriend is exhibiting all those signs, there’s still a chance that she may not be cheating. The best way to find out is to use a tracking application. With that, you’ll have access to all of the evidence that you need, and can confront your girlfriend properly. 

Suspecting that your partner is cheating isn’t a great feeling and can take a great toll on your overall health. Hence, it’s best to find out if your girlfriend is cheating sooner rather than later. With mSpy’s extensive features you’ll be able to do it swiftly, and put your suspicions to rest.

How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating 

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